Here you will find my complete catalogue of notated music. Click on the title for recordings, program notes, and to purchase a score if available. I am currently working on a new complete edition of all my pieces and, will be continuously adding more scores to purchase as I finish them. If there is a piece you are interested in performing, but it is not yet available for sale, feel free to email me at and I can sell you the current version of the score. Currently, I am actively updating the catalog, and not all links yet open a new page with more information about the piece.

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solo works

omnia mutantur (2020)
viola and electronic playback

it comes in waves (2019)
prepared vibraphone and electronic playback

First Book for Piano (2010-12)
five piano pieces written as a collection:
Hyacinths, Pavan, Nocturne, Suspirium, Lament

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chamber music

Braided Thistle (2019)
two pianos (not four hands)

Catalexis (2018)
Alto Flute, Prepared Piano (both amplified/with effects), electronic playback

Chimeric (2017)
violin, alto sax, electric guitar, percussion, live electronics (keyboard, samples, live processing)

nox perpetua (2017)
string quartet

Music for No Exit (2013)
string trio (vln. vla. vlc.)

Strahle (2011)
string quintet + piano (2x vln. vla. vlc. cb.)

Canon (2011)
string quintet (2x vln. vla. vlc. cb.)

Distance (2011)
piano trio

Monument (2011)
string quartet

Unmarked Boxes (2010)
string quartet

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vocal music

Consolation (2016-22) 
Classical Latin - song cycle and studio work for vocalist Tis Kaoru Zamler-Carhart + electronics and instrumental recordings by the composer - study score will be available in addition to live arrangements for up to five vocalists, string quartet, flute, bassoon, electronics, and subsets thereof

ave maris stella/ic hæbbe fiðru (2018)
polytextual motet in Latin and Old English - vocal trio, flute, contrabass

wie ein Nebel...(2018)
German - vocal quartet (one on a part) - may also be performed by a choir

Liturgical Fragments (2012)
Latin - high voice, string quintet (2x vln. vla. vlc. cb.), 2x electric guitar, electric bass, celesta, drum set

Sanctus (2010)
four-part choir

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large ensemble

Blue Aurora (2018) 
string nonet (4x vln. 2x vla. 2x vlc. cb.)

Empty Spirals (2018)
full orchestra

retracing a path (2018)
string quintet (2x vln. vla. vlc. cb.), flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, piano, 4x percussion

The Other Shore (2015)
chamber orchestra: 4x vln. 2x vla. 2x vlc. cb. fl., cl. bsn.

in some places... (2013)
full orchestra

Hyacinths (2011)
string orchestra, electric guitar, electric bass, 2x percussion - arrangement of piano piece