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for prepared vibraphone and electronic playback

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it comes in waves


Score, backing track, and click for the prepared vibraphone and electronics piece. Zip file will be available for download after checkout. 

It comes in waves is a composition for prepared vibraphone and electronics commissioned by Gloria Yehilevsky in 2019 for her "Waveshape" recital program, representing a large wave (and its parallels with life itself) as it comes up, with ebbs and flows throughout. This piece incorporates my fascination with overlapping cycles, using a five-chord pattern which is modified in various cyclically-determined ways. Each cycle comprises a wave, when a large cycle complete, the wave crests and we move into the next section. 


The electronic track is created exclusively from processed samples of vibraphone sounds recorded by Gloria. It comes in waves is the first in a series of pieces written for solo instruments and electronics, united by my requirement that the electronics exclusively use samples of the instrument being featured. This leads to close collaboration with the instrumentalist, learning what sounds they like to make and recording them together. It also gives me a chance to explore creative sound design, digging deep into the instrument's sonic DNA to discover what permutations are possible. 

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