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Welcome to my studio! Here I create professional, aesthetically-driven mixes in many styles: whether pop, rock, electronic, folk, classical, experimental, or anything in between; I am here to understand your vision and help bring it to life. I learned how to mix in order to better realize my own creations, and this artist's perspective is always at the forefront of my mixing sessions.


I work using top of the line industry-standard software including: Pro Tools, Fab Filter, Soundtoys, Soothe, SSL, Melodyne, Izotope RX, Waves, Valhalla, Eventide, and so many more. I have spent years exploring these plugins, reading their manuals and learning them inside and out. My studio monitors are calibrated for my room using Sonarworks SoundID Reference in order to assure accurate mixing decisions that will translate well wherever you are listening, whether your car, smartphone, or high end stereo system. 

Standard Mixing Rate: $250 per song - includes 3 revisions - additional revisions: $50 each 

I also work as a producer and arranger, drawing on my experience as a classically-trained composer and instrumentalist to enhance your productions with my own recordings. This includes: programing drums, recording synths (both software and analog), piano, strings, organ, guitar, bass, writing out scores for other musicians to perform, and creating whatever electronic sounds we can imagine together. Rates for this are variable depending on the level of involvement.

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mixing work samples

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arranging work samples

featuring my chamber orchestra arrangement

featuring my flute and saxophone arrangement

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