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Thank you for pre-saving our single it comes in waves, out 09/25/20!

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Enjoy a few giveaways as our way of saying thanks! Register above to enter a drawing for an exclusive livestream concert featuring improvisations and new music by Gloria and Samn. The audience will be limited to 15 randomly-selected people. Be sure to also check out Gloria's work on her website and follow her socials below for more percussion magic! ✨✨✨



You can also download a folder of bowed vibraphone samples, lovingly mapped to playable instruments in Kontakt, Ableton Live, and Logic. The electronic track in the piece is made entirely from vibraphone samples recorded by Gloria, and this is just one of the many instruments Samn built from those sessions. We will be making the whole collection available for purchase soon, so be sure to follow our socials for updates! 

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You can also check out this live performance video of the piece we released last year. The new single is the first time this music will be available as audio only with a brand new mix and master! 

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