Studio Works/Electronic

Epistulae (2013)

Variations (2012 )

Shades (2011)

Large Ensemble

The Bright Shores (2015)

string nonet, flute, clarinet, and bassoon, c. 12'

The Drum is Our Horse (2013)

orchestra, c. 6'

Liturgical Fragments (2011)

mezzo-soprano, string quartet, double bass, 2 electric guitars, electric bass, celesta, drum set c. 11'


nox perpetua (2017)

string quartet, c. 6'

written for the JACK quartet

stabat mater (2016)

viola and live electronics (midi synth patch w/ playback loops), c. 6'

based on the plainchant melody of the same name

no recording

Music for No Exit (2013)

string trio and playback, c. 6'

incidental music to Sartre's play

Passacaglia (2013)

wind quintet, c. 6'

no recording

Threnody (2012)

trombone quartet c. 5'

no recording

Dwolma (2012)

electric guitar, electric bass, organ, and drum set c. 5'

Title means "chaos, void, chasm" in Old English

Wie eine weiße Stadt in den Himmeln (2011)

string quartet + double bass c. 6'

The title, "Like a white city in the heavens" is paraphrased from Rilke's poem Klage, "Lament".

Strahle (2011)

piano quintet + double bass c. 6'

The title means "beams, rays" in German

no recording

Distance (2011)

piano trio, c. 14'

Unmarked Boxes (2010)

string quartet, c. 5'


First Book of Piano Pieces (2010 - 2012)

c. 6'

Performed by Samn Johnson at Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavík Iceland, January 2016

Pavan (2011)

c. 4'

an older recording from 2012, performed by Samn Johnson