Samn Johnson (b. 1991) is a Brooklyn-based composer and electronic musician. He recently completed a masters degree in composition at NYU, where he studied with Julia Wolfe and Robert Honstein. His work encompasses many genres including orchestral, chamber, solo keyboard, and vocal music, often incorporating electronics and the influence of various forms of contemporary pop and experimental music. Explore this website to hear his music and find more information.

Samn in 2017: photo by Ida Fey


wie ein Nebel... is a short piece for for four singers and electronics in 5-Limit Just Intonation. It is based very loosely on the melody of the Bach chorale "ach wie flüchtig, ach wie nichtig". And uses snippets of text from the chorale. Performance by Cassandra Venaglia, Carmen Lustik, Dani Strigi, and Oscar Pan. 

it comes in waves video with Gloria Yehilevsky

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I met Gloria at the Bang on a Can festival in 2018, and working with her on this piece for prepared vibraphone and electronics was one of the highlights of 2019. Described by Steve Reich as "an extremely impressive percussionist", Gloria is a wonderful musician, collaborator, and friend, and I am so pleased with how this video turned out. Do yourself a favor and check out some of Gloria's other projects on her website!

Dispatches from the Bang on a Can Summer Festival

Big thanks to Maggie Molloy from Second Inversion for writing about my works from the 2018 Bang on a Can Summer Festival. Check out her wonderful article here (scroll down for the segment on my music). I had a wonderful time at the festival and met so many thoughtful and dedicated musicians who I am excited to continue working with!

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nox perpetua premier by JACK Quartet

I am honored to present a video of my 2017 string quartet nox perpetua in the premiere performance by the world class JACK quartet. This piece is inspired by the work of the Roman poet Catullus, using his signature meter (the phalaecean hendecasyllable) as motivic material.